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Secure recruitments and assignments with an assessment tool to parse candidates' behavioral strengths and weaknesses

METAEXPERT+ is intended for HRDs and talent managers, managers of recruitment firms and interim management companies as well as external reclassification firms.

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METAEXPERT+ is a predictive aid tool on the ability of people tested:

  • to implement innovation and change,

  • to mobilize others, to show assertiveness while building confidence quickly and over the long term,

  • to adapt to an ever-changing environment and therefore to evolve.

More than a personality test, METAEXPERT+ is a decision support tool designed for the success of your talents upstream and downstream of their integration into a position. METAEXPERT+ analyzes and restores the behavioral strengths and weaknesses of the people tested and makes it possible to compare the candidates with each other by adapting the criteria to the needs of each recruitment or mobility. METAEXPERT+ is accessible on a secure platform 24/24 and 7 days a week.

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