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Kyozon is a collective of organizational coaches serving companies, public authorities and associations who want to undertake a lasting transformation of their mode of operation. Bold facilitators, Kyozon coaches help you see the other side of the mirror.

Just as business consulting is not the same as personal consulting, organizational coaching is not individual coaching. Organizational coaching, born at HEC Paris some fifteen years ago, is the application to human organizations of the operating rules of the system. An individual coach is interested in the person he accompanies, an organizational coach helps an entire organization and for this is interested in the relationships between individuals, in the way the organization learns , in the collective and individual sense which the organization diffuses and how the organization puts its energy where it wants to put it.

Kyozon is a collective of organization coaches that is built around the need to have sufficient diversity to successfully undertake the support of an organization.
This diversity translates into different experiences and know-how.

Kyozon coaches have the experience of accompanying a change in size, a merger-acquisition, a reorganization, or even a remobilization of employees following a diagnosis of absenteeism.

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