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About us

I founded PCI International Consulting in 2018 on a simple fact: success of a change or an innovation doesn't depend on how good the idea is, but on ability to implement it. 


We walk a mile alongside those who implement changes and innovations with coaching and training, in such a way that they eventually succeed with their intrinsic motivation and a full access to their resources and capabilities. Our approach is systemic to act upon and leverage contextual interactions within the client organisation. We apply Neurolinguistic Programming open, non-intrusive and non-judgemental methods so that mentored persons succeed to change in the long-run, well after our mission with them is over.

Cross-cultural, multilingual and international, PCI International Consulting mentoring interventions are conveyed in English, French and Japanese.

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Jerome Berrard
founding partner


For 20 years I managed businesses in many parts of the world, and I recevied the support of several consultants and external resource, so that I got to practically experience how an external intervention is efficient only for a short period of time when it is superficial. By creating PCI International Consulting, I designed an in-depth coaching adapted to nowadays challenges for those who are in charge of change, innovation and transformation in a growing global and cross-cultural environment.

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