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Remobilize on your goal to achieve it in just 10 sessions!

Demobilized employees, difficult professional reorientations, difficulties in working with others, self-entrepreneurs who doubt the path chosen... our clients ask us to find a way to remobilise. At PCI International Consulting, we have developed the Remobil'Ease program to work in parallel on motivation and self-confidence. In 10 one-hour sessions, the beneficiaries of the Remobil'Ease program work at the same time on the clear, concise, convincing and coherent expression of their skills and on overcoming the brakes and blockages that prevent them from advancing towards their objective. With Remobil'Ease, the beneficiaries work to modify some of their behaviors to be more adapted and reconsider some of their beliefs which slow them down and demobilize them. With Remobil'Ease, beneficiaries train to present their skills and overcome their obstacles, increasing their motivation and self-confidence in a virtuous circle.


Designed in 2 formats:

  • individual support, in which the beneficiary is alone with the coach, benefiting from fully dedicated support time.

  • support in pairs, in which the beneficiary is accompanied by the coach at the same time as another beneficiary. Requiring trust and kindness, this type of support takes advantage of the power of the mirror of the pair, especially in training.

On the initiative of the HRD, the n+1 or the beneficiary himself:

  • the Remobil'Ease program is accessible to everyone, on individual initiative, on simple contact. It is, depending on the case, accessible by videoconference or face-to-face.

  • when it is on the initiative of the HRD or the n+1, the Remobil'Ease program includes a session to clarify the objective and moral contractualization on this objective between the beneficiary, his HRD or n+1 and the coach

The first session to clarify the objective and detail the support is free. Do not hesitate to contact us !

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